Get the COMPLETE Course Package to include review lectures and the NurseNotes eBook library OR just get the lectures. 

The COMPLETE Course Package gives you:

A complete NCLEX-RN® Review Program. Over 28 hours of video lectures covering Medical-Surgical, Pediatrics, Maternal-Newborn, and Psychosocial Nursing.

FREE: A complete NurseNotes eBook library that contains the entire NurseNotes seriesMedical-Surgical, Pediatrics, Psychosocial, and Maternal-Newborn:  Entire series is available for you to download directly to your computer and start studying immediately.

OR Just get the Lecture Series that contains only the video lectures.

The lectures and eBooks are available to down load to your computer and can be played on any smartphone or tablet. Take our review to use where ever and when ever you want.



Pediatrics Video Lecture
Sample of Pediatric Video.

Psychosocial Video

Medical-Surgical Video

Maternal-Newborn Video


Download and read excerpts samples from our well known NurseNotes series. Now you can fit the entire NurseNotes library in your pocket to read anytime anywhere.

Medical-Surgical Sample

Maternal-Newborn Sample

Pediatric Sample

Psychosocial Sample

What our students are saying

Hello Sally, Thank you soooo much for everything, I passed the test on 75 questions!!! :) I am so greatfull to God that he let me found you and your dvd system. I watched all the dvds, took notes on each one of them, and everyday i did 50 to 100 questions regarding the dvd content. one week before the exam I reviewed my notes. I have a problem with memorization so I said I wont cram on the meds that I dont know now, but I was pretty sure of myself on physiology. You have no idea how greatfull I am to you and your team. Those dvds were the only way for me to remember all the physiology since it passed 4 years since I graduated from nursing school. Once again thank you so much, I keep bragging about you and the dvds to all my friends who wants to pass the NCLEX :))))) God bless your heart!!!
Evha C. - RN

"I recently bought a package for P.A.S.S Review For Nurses. The package included, DVD'S, a book, and an online course with practice tests. I found each of the components of the package very helpful. The lectures were very helpful; the presentation very good, and everything was easy to comprehend. The questions on the internet were very helpful and useful. The book was a great success because of the questions, answers, and most importantly, explanations. All the components helped me greatly. I would highly recommend this book to everyone who is reviewing for nursing. I have done other courses, and books before, but none of them has helped me greatly like the 'NCLEX-RN® Success' has done for me. Thank You So Much, Ms. Sally!"Sincerely,
-Malgorzata F., RN