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Q: How Do You Download to Other Smart Phones Like Droid , Etc.
A: Go here for download instructions
Q: When Someone Buys the Dvd’s Online, How do They Get to Access E-Books?
A: After your purchase you will receive 2 emails. One will be a confirmation of your purchase and the other will contain links to your download. This email will also contain instructions on downloading. If you do not receive these emails please email admin@reviewfornurses.com and include your order number.
Q: How do I get my downloadable products like the videos and eBooks?
A: If you ordered a downloadable product you will receive an email with links to your downloads. Please check your spam folder or email settings if you did not receive this email. Or contact admin@reviewfornurses.com.
Q: Do I need special software to view the videos?
A: You need to have Quicktime which is free from Apple. It is usually installed on most devices already. If you could view our samples then you already have it.
Q: Can I play the movies anywhere?
A: YES! Once you download them you can play them on your computer, phone or tablet or all three!
Q: How long do I have access to the videos and eBooks?
A: Forever! Once you download them you own them and can use them for as long as you want.