Ordering Instructions

1. Add the product to your shopping cart by clicking the "Add to cart" button


2. Click the Checkout button 

3. Fill out the form and click the Continue button at the bottom

4. If you have been given a coupon code then you will apply it here. Type the code into the form and click the "Apply" button to receive your discount, then click the "Complete my purchase" button. If you do not have a code then just click the  "Complete my purchase" button.

5. Choose the method you wish to use for your credit card payment and then finalize your purchase.

6. Once your payment is complete you will receive 2 emails. One will be your order confirmation and the second will be instruction and a link to your downloads page. This link is personalized to you, do not share it. Your downloads page will look like this

Please follow the instructions on the downloads page. Once you have the files on your desktop follow your devices instructions on how to load and play Quicktime files. For Apple iPhones, iPod and Ipads follow these instructions

Transfer the video file using iTunes. iTunes will “grab” the video file you made and transfer a copy of it onto your iPad.

  • Plug your iPad into your computer, and open iTunes.
  • Drag the movie file onto the upper left part of the iTunes window, where it says “”LIBRARY.” The movie will copy to the Movies area of iTunes.
    • If you haven't added any movies before, the Movies area will now appear in the list, near Music.
  • Select your iPad from the sidebar menu. You will now see an options screen for your iPad.
  • Click the “Movies” tab near the top of the screen, and check the box next to “Sync movies.”
  • Click “Sync” on the main screen to sync your iPad. The movie you dragged into iTunes will now sync to the iPad.